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Connected Tv Advertising

Connected TV is revolutionizing the digital advertising space. It is allowing businesses to reach their target audience through video ads running on the internet. Want to get your ad on the big screen without spending ridiculous sums of money? Try connected TV advertising from Launch Media.     

What is TV advertising?

Connected TV (CTV) advertising refers to running ads on an online streaming service platform. It includes digital media bought through an automated process called real-time bidding and ads streaming on over the top (OTT) devices like tablets, mobile devices, and computers. 

Our experts on predictive marketing platforms remove the guesswork from ad space buying across various digital channels. We do this by utilizing real-time bidding and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to display relevant ads to your target audience. Our robust data and analytics allow us to target the most promising lead by tracking their online behaviors, interests, demographics, and past purchases. With access to more than 1,200 PMP (private marketplace platforms), we deliver CTV advertising that promises a valid return on investment (ROI).         

Why you need to use CTV advertising

Over half of U.S. household use OTT services. This number has been continually growing, exceeding expectations. There are currently more than 200 OTT providers in the country, according to Digiday. The U.S. alone has more than 820 million connected video devices and 182 million OTT subscription video service providers.

These statistics show the immense opportunities that CTV advertising creates for companies looking for an effective way to market to their target audience. CTV advertising not only opens up a whole new customer segment; it also enables you to strengthen your relationship with your current customer base. You can also create new ones and boost brand awareness. Among the services we provide to ensure you reach your target audience include Mobile and Desktop Targeting Cross-device Campaigns, personalized list-targeting, A.I. Software, Programmatic Buying, etc.

What are the benefits of using Connected TV advertising for my business?

Video advertising is here to stay. Your target audience is increasingly consuming video daily. eMarketers estimates that over 65% of consumers this year will be using video as their primary digital activity. Still need convincing that this is the best advertising strategy for your growing business? Below are some of the benefits your business stands to gain by employing CTV advertising.

  • It brings you in front of the right audience.

It allows you to direct your advertising efforts towards your target market. You can now focus your clients based on their personality, past purchase behavior, online behavioral data, etc., allowing you to implement the data effectively.

  • Attract and maintain a viewer’s attention

CTV ads come on less frequently than linear TV commercials. This reduces ad fatigue, and the viewer stays up to 30% more attentive. The viewer is also not able to skip the ads meaning they have to remain alert through the advertisement. This increased level of engagement makes CTV ads very useful. 

For the best in connected TV advertising strategies, Launch Media is your go-to agency. Check with our team if you're interested in our services!

Connected Tv Advertising

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