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Bitmain Company - ebitmain com

Bitmain Company

Bitmain Company

In the last period technology has changed and many models and devices for cryptocurrency mining from different companies have appeared on the market, some profitable and others less profitable.
The most widespread equipment are Antminers, they can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum at a net higher power and with a relatively low energy consumption. We list for you on the website all the equipment produced by the Bitmain company, technical specifications, images and free firmware download, here you can find legitimate sellers from all over the world, who sell at low prices. If you are interested in mining with the help of miners, here you will surely find the desired Antminer at a low price and with fast delivery anywhere by courier. Cryptocurrency mining, which started with Bitcoin mining around 2009, is the use of hardware (at first CPU, then GPU and ASIC) to process transactions on the blockchain in exchange for a reward. How does it work? There are Bitcoin farms that you can connect to online with your equipment and in this way contribute to the processing power (hash power). The more equipment you have, the more processing power you have and the more rewards you will receive. What exactly does the miner do? The machine once plugged in uses computing power to process as many transactions as possible on the Bitcoin network using a cryptographic algorithm. Without a doubt, the best equipment for mining cryptocurrencies is Bitmain's Antminer, both for the price and the computing power available, with low current consumption. Why is cryptocurrency mining necessary? Mining ensures that the newly created bitcoins are obtained through an effort (processing, investment in equipment, current electricity cost), the so-called Proof of Work (PoW). Which makes bitcoins very hard to obtain, they cannot be copied, acquiring real value. The process is called "mining" or "mining" following the analogy with obtaining gold (dug, ore extracted, purified). Thus bitcoin, although digital, is rare like gold and hard to obtain. I was saying earlier that you can only enter the bitcoin mining market with dedicated equipment, with special miners for bitcoin mining that, when they stop making a profit, end up being scrapped. You can only sell these unprofitable miners on the market to an uninformed person, which is clearly unpleasant for everyone. If bitcoin mining isn't profitable and doesn't cover the power consumed or the hardware, then what's left to do? Bitcoin is not the only currency on the market. It's hard to choose from the hundreds of cryptocurrencies that have popped up like mushrooms after the rain. A first step to identifying legitimate coins is to ask developers the most important question - can I mine the coin at home? I mean, is the mining decentralized or is it done by someone, behind the curtain, who knows how? If the coin can be mined at home, with equipment of your choice, which you can buy from a manufacturer of your choice, then we are talking about a legitimate coin. If not, then it is very likely that it is not even about mining, but about some people who created a software that simulates mining without consuming anything, but just randomly passing in a table (as an electronic wallet) some encouraging numbers.

Bitmain Company

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